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Cherry Pie by Lola Lola

There are few strains that I can easily say I’d smoke all day, from the morning until bed, and Cherry Pie is one those strains. It provides the perfect amount of medicating properties, with it’s pain relief and anxiety reduction, and it offers a solid uninhibited mental stone. And the flavor of the sweet cherry truly comes through to offer an enjoyable smoking experience each time. Lola Lola really nailed it with this bud. I picked up this gram sample of Cherry Pie from a 4 gram sampler package by Lola Lola. It was one of the weeds we received inside of the M-Box. My first encounter with Cherry Pie was a welcoming experience. Usually you break into a new strain and it’s an overwhelming, almost uncomfortable high. This strain was perfect from the start. At it’s highest peaks you receive a relaxing body buzz that emanates from the shoulders and upper spine, sedative like effects reducing pain levels, and a solid mental stone that cultivates an air of calm. Fitting, as the primary terpenoid in this strain is caryophyllene, which is noted to reduce anxiety and promote focus. I can smoke this strain anytime without the fear of “getting too high” and being incapable of handling business. And I can smoke it all day long without it stacking up and making me feel exhausted by the end of the day. In the morning it’s best paired with a brighter sativa, but I find it a fantastic way to assist with morning aches and getting over nightmares. And it’s decent at night to relieve the day’s tension, but I’d recommend pairing with a heavier knockout-style indica for insomnia. It makes an excellent mix with any sativa, indica, or even hybrid to level out the high of the other strain. Lets talk about the nugs. The smell of these nugs wasn’t anything stellar. The second you opened the box and stuck your nose in the Cherry Pie slot you get a whiff of grass and earth. The look of the nugs themselves was decent, they were well manicured, though weren’t too frosty or anything. They gave a sense that it might be an outdoor grown bud, or one that just didn’t reach it’s full potential. The cure could have gone a bit longer, as the nugs weren’t too dry feeling, and didn’t burn well in the bong. The taste however was pretty great, with tones of sweet cherry and a light earthiness. And the smoke was very smooth every time. Despite the looks and smell, I come back every time for the taste and quality of hit. I’d highly recommend Cherry Pie for beginners, or for anyone looking for a chill yet medicating stone from a strain. The flavor was awesome, the high was absolutely perfect. This strain may have had some downfalls, but it’s positive effects incredibly outweigh the negatives. Cherry Pie gets an 7/10 in my book, and find a place in my bowls any time.