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NoGoo Nonstick Container Review

NoGoo nonstick containers are the perfect solution for storing your oils, either on the go, on your desk. The NoGoo containers are about half the height of a standard lighter, and hold up to 3-4 grams of concentrate. They’re made from food-grade silicone; a non-toxic FDA-approved material gaining popularity in the concentrate community for it’s excellent strength, flexibility, and – most importantly for patients and stoners alike — safety. The silicone body is incredibly flexible, allowing you to bend and even bounce the containers off your buddy’s coffee table. The durable material is also heat resistant up to 450 degrees F, which when combined with it’s elastic nature, enables you to scrape it with a hot dabber to get every bit of hash. The containers are freezer, dishwasher, and even microwave safe. I haven’t personally tested this, but it must be handy to pop it in the microwave for a quick melt. They come in a variety of bright saturated colours, great for spotting when you’re stoned or in a crowded smoke session. Small magnets are also concealed somewhere inside to allow for easier stacking, however, the magnets seemed pretty weak. They didn’t hold unless the silicone tops were squished together tightly, and any kind of movement immediately de-magnetizes them. If they were a bit stronger, it’d actually have some utility. Apparently an early production of the containers had a problem with them smelling funky, which cleared up after a soap and water wash. The batch I got were perfect, having absolutely no scent and requiring no rinse.

One problem I encountered, which I noticed with others as well, is that the silicone couldn’t handle powdered hash well. Any derivative of the dank, be it kief or bubble hash, would stick and cling to the walls. The finer the crumble, the harder it was remove from the container without heated coaxing. This of course, is a common problem for that kind of hash, though it’s definitely worth noting. If your stash sticking to the container, simply pop it in the freezer for a little while to stiffen it up, then squeeze the closed container to free any frozen bits. It also has a problem with more oily concentrates. I also had a problem opening and closing the container. It would have a hard time sealing every other time I had to close it. There’s also a slight risk of it popping open in your pocket from intense friction. It’s one reason that some concentrate containers are spheres, rather than in cylindrical shapes. The sphere is much less susceptible to popping open under pressure. Any sort of wet hash, ISO hash, reclaim, etc, will also leave residue on the container that’s hard to get. While a pop in the freezer solves this problem, it’s still a little of a hassle. However as much as I may whine, it’d be impossible to get the oily stuff out of glass containers without an alcohol soak.

Silicone is really the way to go for storing concentrates. Glass jars don’t have the flexibility to get that hard to reach shatter, and risk breaking during travel. Plastic containers on the other hand are often cheap, thin, toxic, and far from heat-safe. Nothing feels better than effortlessly scraping shatter off silicone, it’s pure sex for stoner senses. Definitely a better deal than Oil Slick’s Slick Stack concentrate containers, which are the more popular - and more expensive brand alternative. You can find NoGoo containers at $5 for 2, whereas OilSlick containers go for $25 for 3. This particular model may be repeated a lot by various other companies producing carbon copies with a deeper groove on the top or a logo printed on it — but this particular iteration is a damn fine product for the price point. The company definitely achieved it’s goal of providing patients safe storage for their sticky stashes at an affordable rate. I wouldn’t recommend it for travel if you plan on skateboarding with it in your pocket, but it does the job for casual travel – particularly in a bag. References:

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