About Us

What is WeedPornDaily?

WeedPornDaily is dedicated to bringing you beautiful buds and weeducation on a daily basis. WPD was established in 2009 as a website for personal pot photography, and over the years, has evolved into a promotional platform connecting artists and their cannabis based creations with stoners across the world. Through our website we’re able to share and expose other stoners and their work to our stoned fanbase. We also strive to aggregate all the latest news and information regarding cannabis in one place, keeping tokers up to date with the world of weed. And with our headshop, we make it our mission to sell products that we personally use and keep our prices as competitive as possible.

Oscar “Grouch” Diaz

Owner / Graphic Designer / Web Developer / Programmer / Photographer / Videographer / Editor

You name it on the site, Oscar is probably responsible for it. From building the website from the ground up through multiple website revisions, to filling it with a wide array of weedy content, to managing and optimizing the experience for the highest of users, to answering questions in questionable formats — Oscar wears a lot of hats in the office. Oscar is a ganjapreneur with over 12 years of professional experience in web development and graphic design. Prefers an iced, tall, percolated, beaker bong with fat stacked bowls of fruity, diesel, and kush tasting strains.

Mrs. WPD

Executive Producer and COO | Graphic Designer | Consultant | Organization Maven

Consultant and COO of WeedPornDaily, Secondary Host of the WeedPornDaily podcast, and designer at Stay Regular Design & Development. Providing support to the company from design to content direction. With over 12 years of experience in art and design available for comment on anything. Make sure to check me out on Twitter and Instagram for behind the scenes at the office and with what is coming soon at WeedPornDaily. Prefers a smaller glass rig with e-nail for a sensible dab of a good Indica Dominant Hybrid.

What we do

We cultivate a contemporary community with progressive values who have a love for cannabis and look to share it with the world. We provide a platform for cannabis connoisseurs to connect over high quality media featuring the dankest of herbs.

Our primary presence is on our Tumblr blog, where we share pot porn and heady glass, answer burning questions, keep up on the latest cannabis news, and entertain stoned masses with our GIFs and humor. Our blog archives are burgeoning with beautiful buds, heavenly hash, insane glass, sexy stoners, smoke sessions, and even more. Get stoned and stare at moving pictures with our growing collection of 1,500 ganja-related GIFs. Connect with countless stoners across the internet who share their opinion on every post.

On our YouTube channel, we tantalize the visual cortex with videography catered to heightened minds. From bong rips out of sexy glass, to rolling joints and blunts, to reviews of pot-related products, and even stoned video game playthroughs — we have videos for every kind of stoner. Our goal is to create a veritable cannabis TV channel online for stoners to tune into on a regular basis.

Our podcast was developed as a response to a lack of cannabis-centric podcasts on the net, as well as the WPD staff’s constant need to express our stoned opinions. Each week Oscar gets together with staff and other stoners to discuss breaking and late cannabis news, experiences they’ve had high, and the happenings around the WPD office.

Our livestream is a way to connect directly with our audience all across the world chatting live. We get to have fun while infusing our content with our creativity and games.