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I hear a sizzle and then see a plume of smoke pool inside the atomizer like a ghastly apparition. A veritable tornado of smoke swirls and fills my lungs as I place my lips on the mouthpiece and inhale steadily. I suck and suck as if it had the cure for cancer and the piece keeps producing plume after plume of white milk. With only so much room left in my lungs, I exhale the entirety of my lungs to create an entire cloud.

That’s the kind of experience I receive each time I pick up my CloudV Platinum vaporizer. It is the perfect portable vaporizer for concentrated forms of cannabis.

Upon inspecting the CloudV Platinum packaging, it gives you the impression you’re purchasing a high-end Apple-like product. The packaging itself has a great feel with high quality printing and spot finishes. It also features a magnetic latch to open and close the packaging. Inside the box you’ll find your CloudV vaporizer assembled and secured in it’s own foam casing. Under the foam you’ll discover the CloudV traveling case with a dabber that can attach to your keychain, 2 mouthpiece covers, a retractable USB charger, and a wall charger that accepts USBs. The case itself is great quality and is made of a pleather like material and embossed with the CloudV logo. The mouthpiece covers have holes on the top so you’re able to place it over your vape like a condom and pass it around to friends without fear of contaminating it. The retractable wall charger is incredible and retracts to an incredibly small size, allowing you to keep it tucked inside the case along with the wall charger and vape. It’s the perfect package to place in your purse or bag that gives a classy and discreet look.

cloudv vaporizer

It’s sleek black body is coated with a durable soft plastic that feels great, has grip, and cleans easily of any stray concentrate. The body is composed of 3 components: the battery with button, the atomizer, and the mouthpiece.

The battery is charged via USB, and a USB to wall charger converter is included in the kit. Battery life was very impressive, it lasted me 4 days using it 10 times daily. The atomizer in this model is a Cloud Tornado Atomizer with snap technology.

cloudv vaporizer atomizer

The atomizer ‘snaps’ into the battery to ensure that the battery and atomizer won’t separate when you remove the mouthpiece from the device. The atomizer itself works great. It’s essentially a coil with a wick inside, the coil heats up, and the wick soaks up the oil to ensure it achieves contact with the heat. You load your concentrates directly into the atomizer, along the angled walls that point to the coil. Through the window in the mouthpiece, you’re able to see the vaping power of the CloudV Platinum when you create balloons of smoke above the atomizer with every push of the button.

cloudv vaporizer

The mouthpiece itself is a metal tube with glass window, and the top is a removable plastic mouthpiece that condenses the smoke into a small opening. The mouthpiece does impart a small amount of “factory” taste into your hits, but after “seasoning” your piece for a while or cleaning before first use, you can eliminate this problem.

CloudV has many different models of essential oil vaporizers, from the Platinum to the Classic to the Mini. The difference between this model (the Platinum) and the Classic, is the Platinum is the newer model with a better battery life, features a window in the mouth piece, and a extra metal piece above the button. The Mini is simply a smaller version of the vape, and comes in both Classic and Premium. The CloudV oil vapes are also very similar to Micro’s GPens. The major difference between the two is the GPen’s screen above the atomizer coil, and it’s lack of window in the mouthpiece.

CloudV has created a brand around a collection of products that are created with high quality standards and a certain degree of style and class. It’s what separates them from the knock offs on DHGate that pump out poor quality and inconsistent hardware. Every CloudV vaporizer comes with a lifetime warranty to cover any sort of defects from manufacturing so you can feel absolutely secure with your purchase.

I have nothing but good things to say about this vape. This has easily become my go to tool for toking up oils. It’s the perfect gadget to whip out in the car or out and about, turn on, and blaze away. It’s easy to use, intuitive, and incredibly discreet. You couldn’t ask for more in a portable device. And why throw away a perfect good vaporizer when one part stops working? The modular nature of the device allows you to easily replace any part that begins to degrade from excessive use, damage, etc. The Platinum series in particular is my personal favorite. The battery life is stellar, and the mouthpiece window is awesome to watch the smoke build up. And the low price point is an incredibly fair and affordable place for any consumer to reach.

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