First Try Making Rosin Hash

If you haven’t already heard enough of it from the rest of internet, recently an insanely simple technique to extract hash oil from nugs was popularized on Instagram by @SoilGrown. You take a hair straightener, heat it up to around 300 degrees F, take a nug and sandwich it in parchment paper, then press the nug with the flat iron for 5-10 seconds. It’s essentially a crude heat press, similar to mechanical processes used to extract essential oils from flowers. The heat and pressure separate the trichomes (containers of THC, CBD, etc) from the nugs and stick it to the parchment paper, allowing you to easily scrape up a wax that looks like you purged butane out of.

This tek was picked up by peeps like Bubbleman and taken a step further utilizing bubble bags to filter lower grade hash into a more refined and cleaner concentrate.

And peeps are now taking it a step further trying to scale up the production by implementing t-shirt irons to press larger quantities of usually hash.

This tek is really blowing up, and while it’s nothing necessarily new, it is the first time someone has refined the process to a simplistic enough point to encourage it’s viral distillation into the stoned side of the internet. And while it isn’t as efficient as other methods of extraction, people are seeing yields of up to 25% (with leftover product that isn’t bathed in butane and perfect for cooking edibles or smoking again). Definitely something to try, particularly if you don’t have access to concentrates in your community.

I’ve personally found that higher temps have higher yields, keeping it around 300 is key to getting the most product. A lot of people have said using smaller nugs or breaking up nugs into chunks is a better process, I personally haven’t found this, as the highest yields were off nugs that were intact. Then again, I’m not using frosty ass Colorado kush that looks more white than green, so I’m sure the starting material is deciding factor.

Stay regular super stoners~

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