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Doug Benson using a Volcano bag-style vaporizer


What is a vaporizer?

A vaporizer is a smoking device that heats up to an exact temperature, allowing for the vaporization of cannabinoids like THC, while not burning the actual plant matter(which creates smoke). It’s the cleanest way to ‘smoke’, and one of the preferred methods for medicating with cannabis.

How does it work? The primary psychoactive chemical in cannabis, tetrahydrocannabinol(or THC), turns into a gaseous state at 350 degrees Farenheight(or approximately 176 degrees Celsius). The plant matter in cannabis combusts at a temperature of approximately 500-700 degrees Farenheight(or 260-371 degrees Celsius). Vaporizers super heat to an exact temperature below this, avoiding the actual combustion of the plant matter. Without the burning of bud, the vaporizer produces a clear ‘smoke’ of only THC and cannabinoids.

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When purchasing a vaporizer, the first question you should ask yourself is: “Do I want to vaporize on the go?”. Vapes can be divided into two primary categories, portable and home-use. The home models are usually much bigger and plug into an electrical outlet, so they won’t be of any use in most outdoor situations. While the portable models are smaller and rely on battery power, allowing for vaporizing on the go.


The vaporizers designed for portability generally are smoked using a mouth piece on the device, that provides vapor directly to the user. The only problem with most portable vaporizers is their battery life. Most portable models will provide about an hour of smoking time in total(generally less), requiring you to recharge the battery consistently if you’re constantly smoking. The process for heating also differs on each model, some using hot air to super heat the herbs, while others may utilize a hot coal or metal coil. The temperature may be controlled digitally, through a knob(similar to a volume control on a car radio). In most cases for portable vapes, particularly the cheaper ones, you won’t be able to control the temperature.

See a portable vaporizer in action!
Learn how to make your own homemade, portable vaporizer!


The vaporizers for home are designed in two different styles, for unique smoking experiences. One type uses a bag that fills up with the vapor, and the other is a more direct variety, using a hose that’s connected directly to the vaporizer. Some vaporizers may use both hoses and bags. The process for heating also differs on each model, some using hot air to super heat the herbs, while others may utilize a hot coal or metal coil. The temperature control also differs depending on the model – it may be controlled through a digital setting or a knob(similar to volume control on a car radio). The cheaper varieties may not have any temperature control.

Bag Style

The first type of vaporizer, bag-style, is a convenient way to vaporize your herbs. The most familiar bag-style vaporizer is the Volcano(see above). The process is fairly easy: Ground up herbs are placed inside of a small metal dish, which is inserted into the vaporizer. The vape is turned on to super-heat the herbs(vaporizing them), and then transfers the vapor into a bag that’s been connected to it. Once the bag is filled, it’s removed from the vaporizer. Using a special mouth-piece on the bag, the user inhales the medicating vapors. The only problem with this sort of vaporizer, is that the vapor is forced to sit inside the bag while it’s being filled, becoming stale. For a more fresh, better tasting experience, hose-style vaporizers should be used.

See a bag-style vaporizer in action, and learn how to use it!

Hose/Whip Style

The second type of vaporizer, hose or whip style, is a more direct way to vaporize your herbs. The process is fairly simple: You fill one end of the hose with ground up herbs and push it inside the vaporizer. The herbs come in contact with a heating mechanism, and the user inhales through the other end of the hose. This type of vaporizing is more direct than the bag-style, allowing for instantaneous access to the vapor.

See a hose-style vaporizer in action!

Popular Brands

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Warning: When purchasing a vaporizer, try to avoid any “globe-style” vaporizers. They tend to be cheap, and incredibly ineffective at vaporizing.

  • Home-use
    • Da Buddha
    • Easy Vape
    • Extreme-Q
    • GV
    • Herbal Aire
    • Hot Box
    • i-Dragon
    • KIA
    • Life Saber
    • Plenty
    • Silver Surfer [x]
    • Vapolution
    • VaporCannon
    • Vaporfection
    • Vapor Genie
    • Vaporite
    • Vapor-Warez
    • Volcano [x]
    • V-Tower
    • Zephyr Ion [x]
  • Portable
    • Atmos
    • Arizer
    • DaVinci
    • E-Skillet
    • Essential VAAAPP [x]
    • iolite
    • Magic Flight Launch Box [x]
    • Solo
    • ThermoVape
    • Vapir

Buy a Vaporizer

You can find vaporizers in your local head shops, and possibly hookah and tobacco shops. They may also be purchased online. We recommend Amazon, which is an excellent outlet for the most trusted brands of herbal vaporizers.

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