Weeducation: How to Make a Ghetto Vaporizer

How to Make a Ghetto Vaporizer

This week we got a request on a DIY vaporizer, and here’s what the stoners at WeedPornDaily could come up with. Fair warning: You’re as safe as your process and the money spent. And you’re only spending about $5 here, so don’t expect a Volcano. Also, don’t leave this around – you’ll look like a crackhead.

What’s a vaporizer?

A vaporizer is a device that heats your marijuana up at the perfect temperature to vaporize the THC. Rather than burning the bud, you burn the crystals off of it. You can use the leftover grass to make edibles.

Wow, sick! What will I need?

Simple: a lightbulb, a ketchup bottle lid(or some screw-top lid), two regular pens(Bic-style), a knife, maybe some tape.

Now what? How do I make this beast?

This first portion is the most delicate and difficult portion of the guide. You’re going to cut a hole into the metal bottom of the lightbulb, around the circular metal contact that you ‘plug in’. Be careful not to break, or crack, the glass. Once you’ve got a decent hole, pull out the metallic guts inside the bulb. You want it completely empty.

After you’ve gutted your bulb, take the time to clean it. It’s got a white powdery residue inside, you DO NOT want to smoke that.

Once you’ve got a clean bulb, it’s time to make a smoking piece. Grab your pens and pull out the metal nib + ink tube. Cut off the tops of the pens too, you essentially want 2 hollow tubes.

Got the tubes? Good. Grab your ketchup lid. It should have one hole perfect for the pen. Make another one the same size with your knife. Jam the two hollow tubes in the holes: one outside for smoking, one inside for air exchange.

If the ketchup lid doesn’t fit over the lightbulb, compensate with tape.

How do I smoke from this thing?

Place your broken up bud inside the lightbulb and top it off with your pen-ketchup lid-contraption. Fire up a flame right under the bud, making sure you heat in CIRCLES. Keeping the heat in one place will burn the glass and the bud, not good! Vapor is hard to see since it’s cleaner, so you’ll taste the hit before you see it.

That’s it?

Yep! You’ve got yourself a homemade vaporizer that would make the hobo down the street jealous!