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    Lots of huge updates and features have been added to the website that incredibly bolster the functionality, accessibility, and overall website experience.

    Our Strain Database received a search feature, which searches the name, description, and other characteristics of the strain to deliver a concise list of strains. We also added Strain Reviews, so you can now review any strain you’ve smoked and catalog all the cannabis you’ve consumed. The reviews, beyond your commentary, will feature how much you’ve smoked, where you smoked it, what effects were elicited, and what medical conditions it helped relieve. Once we get enough reviews filling up the database, you’ll be able to search for strains based on user experience, and discover what strains anecdotally help others.

    The Business Finder has been re-worked from the ground up to a nearly complete state. The backend code was thrown out and rewritten. A search was added, similar to the Strain DB’s. A map on the directory page displays the current page or searches map markers. We’re currently programming a version that loads markers on demand when the map changes. A menu has been added for businesses to display products, like dispensaries, headshops, or even glass artists showing off their portfolio. And businesses can now update their profile personally on our website by “claiming” their business , allowing them to add menu items, first time patient and coupon deals, as well as a profile banner and avatar. Reviews can also be left on businesses, as well as a 1 to 5 star rating. I also developed a script to source thousands of businesses from other website and import them into our own database, expediting the data entry immensely. We’ve currently added 800 or so headshops in a day from Florida, California, Oregon, and Washington, with a couple thousand more to go in every other state and even country.The Business Finder is still in beta, but is at a functioning enough state for use.

    Your profile page got a nice update as well. You can now add images, links, and videos to status updates. It makes our activity feed more like Facebook or Tumblr. We’re trying to make the site an all-in-one destination for stoners, and this was one of the simple, yet key features to make it feel like a true social portal.

    We’ve got new designs up on our Society6! Make sure to check out all those. We’ve also been whipping up new designs that haven’t been released yet, namely some Stoned Disney designs featuring Donald and Mickey.

    On the YouTube forefront we’ve been restructuring our production and show outline to utilize the new space we have in Anaheim. We’ll be featuring more shots of the city, more skateboarding, more sexy smoking shots. The goal of the YouTube channel is to entertain and edify stoners with the highest quality of content, whether it be our Melt Shot Monday series (where we pumped out 6 recently), or our QNA videos (our latest is now up!). Plenty of new Daily Grinds are getting cranked out and uploaded, make sure to subscribe to that channel to keep up with those semi-daily / always-stoney vlogs.

    Restyled the Tumblr theme to match the website . All the links have been fixed as well. We also restyled the forums slightly to fit the website’s overall aesthetic more cohesively. The sidebar on the website got a bit of tinkering to add more community based elements and to eliminate cpu/bandwidth hogging widgets. The header of the website has also been made to always stick, instead of converting on scroll. Little things here and there that improve the overall experience visually. I also fixed a spam filter to ensure less site spam overall, and fixed a spam guard that prevented users from signing up.

    We’re currently developing a iOS app for WeedPornDaily that’ll be a hub for the website on your phone. You’ll be able to log in, submit your stash, browse the website, post on your profile, discuss dank in the forums, and more. It’ll be your one stop shop for pot porn. It should be out in a month or so.

    The podcast has been updated and any problems have been corrected. We had an issue where iTunes and Stitcher were syndicating old content, now the feed is up to date and featuring the latest StonerSunday livestream podcasts. You can also find all the latest podcasts on our website here. Please make sure to subscribe to the podcast on iTunes, Stitcher, and/or YouTube and leave us a review/comment! The reviews on iTunes particularly really help us get better guests and sponsors in the future, as well as more stoned listeners!

    The Weeducation States page has been updated with a new, interactive map. The Javascript map displays all the recreational, medical, CBD, and decriminalized states all color coded for easy identification. I’ll be updating it soon to disable on mobile and show a JPG version of the map. We’re also more than halfway done with the state by state breakdown articles, explaining each states history of cannabis legislation and the limitations of the law. We’re on Michigan now I believe, so we’ve got a little ways to go.

    In terms of things in that are a work in progress — We’re currently working on a job listing for Advertising Reps to connect with other cannabis companies and offer our services to them (from ads on the site, to photography/videography, to dispensary tours, to e-commerce websites, etc). If you’re interested in working with WPD, you work well on your own essentially being your own boss, and especially if you already have connections with companies in the cannabis industry — contact us today with your info and resume. I mentioned before we’re also working on expanding the Business Finder map functionality. I’ve been getting out any chance I get to record b-footage for the website — shots of city, sky, and landscapes, macros bong hits and burning bowls and bubbling percs. And as always, we’re constantly improving the overall website experience.

    In terms of life, we’ve settled into our new Anaheim apartment fairly well. I’m currently looking for any extra work in the Anaheim area to supplement the rent. We’re currently paying over $2k a month just in rent and utilities, not taking into account food, internet, medicine/doctors visits, etc. Mrs. WPD is still in consistent and debilitating pain that’s disabled her from working, she doesn’t qualify for disability checks because of the shady way 420GoodyBox did business, and I’m currently paying for everything myself. In the last 7-8 months that we’ve been battling this mystery condition and we haven’t found any solution yet. A recent medication has help the Mrs. substantially, but for some reason, it’s no longer having a significant effect, so we have to start exploring other more exhausting and dangerous options (such as surgery). I’m honestly really scared of what the future holds. It’s hard enough paying for everything myself, I can’t imagine what it’s going to be like in a month or so when we start trying the other treatments. It’s hard enough to sustain the load of everything myself with the Mrs. in a manageable state like she is now thankfully, but I foresee things getting worse before they improve, so I’m struggling my best to brace for the upcoming hurdles. Every ounce of my energy has been spent trying to create a sustainable income for both of us while also keeping myself available to care for her. It’s been the hardest challenge I’ve ever faced, and I hope we’ll be able to make it through this all to find a brighter and easier state of being.

    And that’s all I can remember for now! We’ve been endlessly working this month to polish off WeedPornDaily to a state truly emphasizes the potential the brand has and the direction that we plan to move towards. If there’s anything you stoners can think of that we should be doing, let us know, send us a message on Tumblr or a tweet or something. We’re always down to hear follower feedback and see what type of content you’d like to be catered.

    Until next time my faithful and high friends, Stay regular super stoners~ Oscar

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