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You name it on the site, Grouch is probably responsible for it. From building the website from the ground up through multiple website revisions, to filling it with a wide array of weedy content, to managing and optimizing the experience for the highest of users, to answering questions in questionable formats — Grouch wears a lot of hats in the office. Grouch is a 25-year old ganjapreneur with over 12 years of professional experience in web development and graphic design. Prefers an iced, tall, percolated, beaker bong with fat stacked bowls of fruity, diesel, and kush tasting strains.

Toking with Latinos at Tapas and Buds

Toking with Latinos at Tapas and Buds We check out Tapas and Buds, a new monthly event by Latinos for Cannabis, where you can chill out with the local latin community and find good weed, food, and …

Just a warning to those going to Chalice

Just a warning to those going to Chalice. There was a 2 hour+ delay in opening the event, so the line backed up in 107 degree weather without any ventilation/shade/cooling. People were passing out …