Tropikal Cookies by Gold Seal Review

We review Tropical Cookies, an indica dominant hybrid by Gold Seal in San Francisco.
Yet another quality sample from Gold Seal, these Tropikal Cookies are just the vacation I needed from the bullshit. Frosty nugs with a hint of purple that hit you with a relaxing high. One hit and you’ll be sailing off on the endless waves of euphoria buzzing across your skin. Definitely a top shelf bud, but let’s dissect what makes this strain so dank, and what it could improve.

The looks are enough to catch your eye and draw you in. The nugs are super frosty, with hints of purple erupting out of the green, orange, and white. It’s always awesome to see a green leaf with a purple spine, it’s almost as if it’s been souped up with these purple steroids. The manicuring was fairly good, the nugs were trimmed tight to show off the dense structure, but there were some sloppy looking fan leaves near the bottom. The nugs themselves were small, round, dense, and featured a highly rounded top – indicating it’s indica dominance. Breaking apart these nugs was very enjoyable. The cure was spot on, and each piece I picked off was just swollen from great growth. And the nugs burned pretty well, not a perfect white ash, but they blazed down.


Opening the jar rushes your nostrils with a sweet smell of sour fruit. Hints of guava tickle my nostrils from how intense they smell. There are earthy back tones that give this strain a more musky vibe. The flavor of the sweet fruit comes through with the hit, making it pretty tasty.

It’s a super solid indica that is an easy go-to when I’m in pain or at night. The high is very indicative of Girl Scout Cookies with it’s relaxing properties, relieving pain and anxiety. It’s not the best for pain management, but it’s certainly a solid indica. Tropikal Cookies actually turned out to be great for sleep and insomnia, relaxing the body and mind to a peaceful place. Not one that I’d recommend smoking before work, it dulls focus and stupefies slightly, but as a chill out after work kinda strain — perfect. The body buzz I mentioned before is really nice, it’s not an intense pulsing or anything, it’s a consistent soft buzz that coats your entire body. Makes it great for just melting back into the couch or bed. Colors get enhanced slightly, making it more desirable to watch some movies or play a game.


If you’re a fan of Girl Scout Cookies and you’re looking for a new phenotype to try, or you want a relaxing and euphoric high, I’d highly recommend sampling this strain. Gold Seal really did a great job with this cut of GSC, though I’m easy to please once you put fruit into anything. I’d give this strain a 9/10 for it’s amazing properties and solid execution.

Stay regular super stoners~

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